Snapzu is going to be big, I can feel it.

I found this website from reddit on a subreddit (/r/RedditAlternatives) that aimed to find alternatives to reddit. As many of you may know, reddit has gone undergone corruption. The first alternative I went to was Voat. I had high hopes for it at first, but not so much after I saw it swiftly turning into a reddit 2.0 . Not to mention it is programmed in C# and uses .NET. I then looked through Hubski, which didn't fit my needs either. Snapzu is, just, different. I see a bright future in Snapzu. I hope it doesn't get too popular, though. Do you agree?

7 years ago by Lifeonfull with 7 comments

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  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • drunkenninja (edited 7 years ago)

    Welcome to snapzu /u/lifeonfull!

    I would have to agree with you that this place is very different in a quirky and enjoyable kind of way. Be sure to check out the teamsnapzu /t/blog tribe to read up about this place, lots of really great info there.

  • cheezoncrack

    Welcome. Nice to see im not the only person that used /r/redditalternatives to find this place, although I left because I thought reddits community was far to stupid and toxic for its own good and left. Hope you enjoy it here.

    • kigurame

      There seems to be quite a few of us :) even /r/redditalternatives seems to be quite negative these days bashing anything that's not hubski or voat

  • dynamite

    Best way to get more people over is to share it when you can especially on reddit

  • idrinkirnbru

    Agreed, definitely a very well designed site, and much better than voat!