Are you viewing Snapzu in list view or magazine view?

Curious what people are using for their frontpage. The old school list view or the super sexy and modern mag view?

6 years ago by skeeva with 34 comments

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  • 0x536e61707a75

    I prefer the list view due to the following reasons:

    -Posts are organized in a grid-like fashion. Mag view has dynamic snap sizes. This shows a bias towards some material over other.

    -If I open snaps in order and close them, I know where I left off and can continue from there. Mag view does not a fixed "order", thus will be more difficult to define an "order" in which to view content.

    -Mag view is rather similar to Tumblr's search view and I seem to "overlook" something while scanning the page in shifting horizontal manner.

    • [Deleted Profile]

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  • sarcasimo

    I like the list view over the magazine view for looking at the overall site. But if I were in a picture-oriented Tribe, magazine view is nice.

    • HeyYourself

      I dont know you, but I cant find the magazine button in tribes, I only see it on the front page.

      • drunkenninja

        That's because there is no mag view for tribes.

  • carpenoctem

    Visually the mag view looks great. But, list view is easier to use and it provides a little more info which makes Snapzu feel more like a community, rather than just a news aggregator.

    I'm enjoying Snapzu's modern UI anyway, so I'm sticking with list view for now.

  • rothelys

    I tried the mag view but i find it only really useful for viewing image related tribes. I guess I'm just used to the list view.

  • DJVee

    List view, no question. Mag view is great for when I want to pretend I am using Windows 8's layout. I vehemently dislike Windows 8 for its layout changes, despite its other improvements. It's modern! It's metro! It's inefficient and makes Snapzu look like a clickbait site because those are the only other sites that use such an obtuse layout. There's a reason the largest content aggregator in the world uses List view.

    It's good for images, and not much else, unfortunately.

  • AnotherFuture

    I'm using list view. I'm just used to that kind of layout. Mag view is for the Feedly/RSS fans.

  • ClarkKent

    I have been switching between both and trying to ween myself off of list view.. I'm trying here.....

  • xef6 (edited 6 years ago)

    The thing about the magazine view is... it doesn't work well for anything other than magazines. It doesn't even work for the websites of the magazines. Soooo... list view wins. </opinion>

  • Elbeske

    Just wondering, how do you switch to mag view?

    • rothelys

      On the far right side, over the "Sorting by" option, you can choose between Mag & List view.

      • Elbeske

        Thanks, now that I've seen it, Mag does look quite a bit better, as you kind of get a better snapshot of it than list.

  • Fooferhill

    I like that there is a choice. Mag is my favourite.

  • Teska

    Wait, there are different views? Man there's so much to figure out here ...

  • skeeva

    Personally I want to use the mag view because of the sex appeal but I don't see text posts so I find myself just using the list view.

  • Seb

    I'm using list view, as it is more like what I'm used to and I find it easier to use, however, I do like how may view looks.

  • the7egend

    I use list view, it's easier to focus on, if i see a bunch of images I just jump around to whatever catches my eye and I might miss something.

  • dgam

    List view. I don't like the mag view.

  • hereorthere

    I prefer list view. The magazine view just looks cluttered and it's too easy to overlook content that gets lost in the jumble of images and text.

  • Chesham

    I like list view so far. Magazine isn't loading images for me so it's kinda hard to say, but it might work in tribes that are all images.

  • get9

    I use List View mostly, but when I want to browse things without reading a lot, I'll switch to Mag View. Mag allows something to visually catch my eye, rather than require "work" to browse posts. Basically, that just means I use Mag View when I'm lazy.

  • KingWizard

    New user here, I've only used the list view since its the default but since I've grown so accustomed to it I think I'll just stick with it for awhile :).

  • CrazyDragon

    I use list view since it provides more information about the post and is easier to navigate. Magazine view is more for looking through photos, while list view is for everything.