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I suppose I should officially say Hello!

Hi! I'm a Scottish Hooker (crocheter) and freelancer oddjob person (community manager/administrator/writer/interviewer) for various places.

I used to do all that for a gaming reviews site called Gamersaurs but it's been on hiatus as it was a true labour of love (no site incomes) and pretty much everyone who was writing for us out of the goodness of their hearts got real paid gigs for their efforts and our glowing reports to their potential employers. We lost too many writers to this that we were drowning in games codes that the 4 people left still doing it in between their real work that we just couldn't keep up. For some reason it was hard to pick up people who just wanted to do the writing for fun and could write well enough that our editor wasn't pulling her hair out xD

ANYWAYS! where was I?

Oh yes, I'm a bit of a game hoarder, i buy new systems based on backwards compatibility which is how i still have the beast of a 60GB PS3 that runs hotter than the surface of the sun and nosier than the laundry at London city airport. There's something deeply satisfying about putting in my original Spyro the Dragon game and having it churn through the musicless levels (disc damage yaaaay!) and never actually able to finish the game due to a badly place scratch.

Other than that I use Steam.

My current poison is FF14 in which I main as a Warrior with more Vitality than sense and I love when healers are like "how do you take so much damage?!" because, bitches, y'all healers complain about being bored so I like to make you work for it. I have not started raiding Alexander yet because I have my kids home for the summer holidays and that makes it hard to concentrate on new and hard content when someone's constantly in your face asking for more Ribena and nutella & marmite sandwiches (yes.. nutella and kiwi marmite.. that is what the hobo eats). Why do we have NZ marmite? because it's delicious, that's why! brit marmite has nothing on it. Vegimite is 2nd place and makes a great fallback between our care packages from husband's homeland.

I like tea, rum, gifting, making shizzle (preferably for money but mostly for fun). I've never been a girly girl but since being on reddit I've met the hair, makeup and nail art subs and they have taught me so much that I'm almost feminine these days!

i could go on forever so AMA!

4 years ago by Qukatt with 4 comments

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  • spaceghoti

    My "hello" isn't official in any way since I possess no authority here, but hello and welcome! Some of the most fascinating people I've ever met hailed from somewhere north of York; a couple in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow.

    • Qukatt

      there's quite a lot north of York! I live near Edinburgh currently but I'm from much much more north than that. Not Islands North but certainly they're the next North you can get from where I grew up xD

      when i brought my husband home he didn't believe me about the artic circle levels of summer daylight until it hit June and he's going batshit crazy without any sleep. Although it's not quite as bad down here in the Lothians the first thing we did was buy blackout blinds (highly recommended where ever you live to be honest). So good.

      I like Glasgow, spend loads of time there since my family are all from that area. Edinburgh is gorgeous, Glasgow is super friendly. Ne'er the twain shall meet ;)

  • jcscher

    Hello and welcome,sounds like you will find plenty to interest you on snapzu!

    • Qukatt

      Yup, already found a few. /t/crochet is a wee bitty dead but I'm pretty sure once I get past this bloody blanket I'm doing I'll be able to help remedy that a tad :D