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Prepare for possible influx of users.

There is some major reddit drama going on, which like always, means people will migrate. The people who will probably be jumping ship the most are low-effort /r/the_donald posters, so we should make it clear to any new users what this site is about (content and effort wise).

2 years ago by picklefingers with 14 comments

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  • ChrisTyler

    It's way more than just /r/The_Donald users. Spez just single-handedly destroyed the integrity of the site and completely erased any credibility it had with users.

    • picklefingers

      Obviously. This might be their biggest fuck up ever, when it comes to pure PR. But I think that people from /r/t_d will be leaving first and in the greatest volumes.

      • bogdan

        Their purpose is propaganda, though. They're not there to circlejerk, they want to send their message. Reddit is much better suited for that than an unknown board.

        I've said it before, while I do feel there are a lot of genuine supporters of Trump on there, I also think something suspicious is going on. A right wing counter-CTR, perhaps. This US election kinda proved to me that no conspiracy theory connected to money and politics is too crazy.

        • picklefingers

          Honestly, I think it's a lot less complicated than that. It's just a bunch of people who saw an opportunity to troll taking advantage of it. Which is why I think Snapzu is still susceptible, because while propaganda is pretty useless on small sites, trolling is. And especially with the weak moderation system the site has, they could do it pretty easily.

  • bogdan

    I'm pretty sure the community shapes the behavior of the new users. I've been here since a previous Reddit exodus and I'm really enjoying the atmosphere. Probably most people who are going to come (if there really are gonna be new people) won't be causing that much trouble. Just welcome them with a positive attitude and they'll do fine.

    • Appaloosa

      Yes I agree. I came from Reddit as well. There have been a few trouble makes from time to time, but they don't last long ...they'll more enjoy VOAT then Snapzu.

      • RoamingGnome

        There have been a few trouble makes from time to time...

        Are you talking to me?

    • picklefingers

      Eh, I saw how much reddit changed after the digg exodus. I still think it's possible, but I do think it has to be a very concerted effort by the community. What might save snapzu is that it does seem like redditors are less willing to leave so user influxes will be much smaller than the massive digg exodus.

      • Appaloosa

        Digg also forced you to go through Facebook after they were bought, which was really a deal breaker for many. I went to Reddit when that happened, then to Snapzu via reference from Adelle.

  • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 2 years ago)

    Yep. We don't want "Trump" posters here!


  • Spoooooon

    I doubt any users leave T_D. It's outrage culture. If they come here there they can't be outraged anymore. No they'll all stay over there. The people that will come here will mostly be people that are tired of the endless amount of crap content over there.

  • Direyth

    Wouldn't Snapzu being invite only slow things down a tad? The problem with Voat is a ton of people all came at once. Here it'll be more gradual.