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For those of you experiencing the "Mandela Effect"......

Welcome to my time line. I hope you are not to annoyed. My advice is to just roll with it. And no I will never make Cap'n Crunch a Captain because he is nothing but a two bit fake who makes cereals that rip the roof of your mouth apart. Also he doesn't even wear a captains hat. That's an admirals cap so he can't even get that right. Also on Miami Vice ( 80's TV show) you may have remembered Don Johnson wearing a Vertical shoulder holster. Changed that to a horizontal shoulder holster just to screw with ya. My bad. Just roll with it... rum helps.

10 months ago by CrookedTale with 2 comments

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  • AdelleChattre (edited 10 months ago)

    Crockett’s Ted Blocker “Lifeline” shoulder holster rig, Jackass Leather Co. “Original Jackass” rig, and the later Galco “Miami Classic” rig were all horizontal. Maybe you’re thinking of his dual ankle holsters?

    Edit: You called it, Crockett carries a Browning BDA 45 in a vertical holster in the pilot, apparently, you cunning devil!

    • CrookedTale

      Yeah, we (enlisted my wife's help) are not that thorough and missed a few things. Think of that as "Residual information" from the original timeline. We also changed the timeline to show that I was "The Greatest Pirate Ever Known!" but that led to a timeline where Thomas Haden Church won the 2008 presidency and all hell broke loose. This is not an exact science.