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I just bought a shower caddy and I'm so excited to install it! Woo, apartment upgrades!

No more knocking shampoo and conditioner bottles off the ledge and onto your toes!

Recently, my boyfriend and I have purchased a house plant to make the kitchen counter look nicer. A little jade plant in a cute plastic "bronze" pot.

And then I bought a little pencil holder for all the pencils and scissors and stuff, which were previously in a plastic drinking cup. So we got a plastic drinking cup back. And then I bought a little glass vase for a flower that was previously in a glass drinking cup. That's two cups relinquished for their proper uses!

And then we bought a shelf from Target in order to better organize the rat's corner, which was full of litter, bedding, cardboard tubes, treats, food, etc. Wow, the living space looks so much more welcoming and less like it's covered in junk now!

It's so nice now. Can't wait to go back there. Maybe I'll add in some mirrors or paintings to make it look even better.

Do you do any upgrades to your apartments/houses? What are they?

3 years ago by eggpl4nt with 2 comments

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  • idlethreat

    I got a soap holder from Ikea. I loved that thing. It was wire mesh with a big old honking suction cup on it. Worked perfectly!

    Well, until I took a shower. It always waited until I had shampoo in my eyes before it would spontaneously disassemble itself and commit suicide all over the inside of the tub. So, after chasing it around the tub a few times and putting it back together I decided to move the soap back to it's old location on the rim, under a washcloth.

    Anyway, me and the wife did clean up the garage a few weeks ago. Bought some new shelving, installed it. Gave us enough room to hang up the bikes and it looks so much neater.

    Congrats on getting the apartment straightened up!

    • eggpl4nt

      I love IKEA! It's been forever since I went there since it's not in a particularly important area for our commutes.

      The shower caddy I bought is one that you hang on the shower head. I don't trust no dang suction cups.

      Ugh, bikes. We just leave our bikes inside close to the back door because the bike racks are all the way down in the garage and almost always full - ain't no body got time for that. Turns out the apartments we live in (they're actually condominiums and we're subletting) have an HOA and my boyfriend got a warning about leaving his bike out on the deck. I think it's silly, especially since the tagline of the city is "Bicycle Capital of the Northwest." I mean, come on.