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Text Post: New member saying hi! posted by ohtwenty
  • ohtwenty

    Ah, streaking. I miss being able to do it, unless you count walking around naked in my own house as streaking, but then there's no challenge so it just becomes walking around. Sorry to hear about the divorce by the way, especially at a young age..

    I don't actually remember how old I was, which I think is the weirdest part! I guess that's the odd thing about memories - they're just an image of what happened, not necessarily a depiction of the truth or anything. tbh the more I think about it the less sure I am about the details, but I do know the main parts of the plot, so to say. Which makes me wonder if my brain just decided at one point that the imagery I've associated with it now is how I will forever remember it, regardless of if it's true.

    I'm O+ by the way, which means I can give blood to anyone who's also positive.

    • AdelleChattre

      Maybe it's the early childhood trauma you can't remember that counts, it just doesn't come to mind. Then again, maybe before that, there isn't much mind for it to come to. So, I notice that you label your MarkDown links. How admirable! I think we're going to be able to do business. Guess I'll have to donate some blood and find out my type before we can be sure.

      • ohtwenty

        Ah, I tried in any case, but I'm still getting used to editing and publishing properly. I saw that it's possible and I think it's a neat feature, that can definitely add something, so could be worth getting used to using.

        I've been reading up/studying some features of early life trauma, and it's mind-blowing that it can have huuuge effects on how you act for the rest of your life, but before you're even able to make memories or maybe even consciously realise what's going on. It can still mess with (positive and negative!) how your brain works, but you don't have to realise what's happening for it to still happen.