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    I see what you're saying, but your argument assumes that gender and race are things that we use to separate ourselves. That's not the case. If I mention on a parenting subreddit that I'm a mother, people are going to know that I'm a woman. If someone in a politics subreddit mentions that they were born and raised in El Salvador, people are going to know that they're Latino. These things are integral aspects of our life experiences, not some flag we're waving in order to be divisive. Again, when we attempt to hide diverse aspects of ourselves and our communities, we default to white, male and straight. That is not helpful or ideal. Rather than assuming that people who identify as female, a person of color, a Buddhist, etc are being divisive, we should examine why those are things that trigger people's anger in the first place. You say that "it's just better to leave some things secret" but why should it have to a be secret that I'm a woman?

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      Originally you stated that Gender and Race were the only things that should be divulged, but Religion did not need to be. I'm curious to why Race would be needed if not to allow someone to racially vilify you? I consider everyone in this world equal, I don't need to know their Gender, Race, Religion or now as you have added Sexuality to have a conversation with them. If we have common interests we are instant-friends.

      These things IMHO are not needed to conduct conversations online. They are added talking points that may or may not bring unwanted discussions. I get what you are all saying about not having to hide, but not everyone overlooks these things. The less ammunition you can give a potential troll the less harm they can do. Heck if they don't even know you are there, even better.

      Anyhow, as I said, Welcome Snapite, hope we cross paths in some other Snap.