Hello Snapzu! Just reporting in.

7 years ago by leiferikson with 3 comments

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  • joker

    Welcome to the family!

    Be warned. They say I've been known to bite.

    They are all lyres. Yep. Little stringed instruments.

    Sure are a chatty bunch.

    What interests do you have? If you're not sure, head over to /t/newtribes and see what's new!

  • idlethreat

    Hey, everyone, /u/leiferikson's in the house!

    Welcome to Snapzu! Things are growing leaps and bounds, so run by All > Sort by newest > all tribes and watch all the new stuff as it comes in. sort again by Trending and watch all the interesting stuff percolate to the top. Hope you find a good home here.


  • jcscher

    Hello and welcome to snapzu.