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Let me just say.....

I've been this site for a few days now and I'm just impressed with the layout and the community. Although some of the tribes and discussions are lagging due to the small crowd, I've found that I'm on this site every chance I get. Also I want to point out that I'm a member of both Reddit and Voat but I feel like this site is supperior to both. Thanks for letting me vent and I'm glad to be here.

4 years ago by RedLantern with 17 comments

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  • canuck (edited 4 years ago)

    A little less crowd is not always a bad thing. Welcome.

    • ClarkKent

      It does make for better discussions thats sure.

    • RedLantern

      Oh it's definitely not a bad thing.

    • charredbysin

      As a social introvert, I could not agree more.

  • Csellite

    Welcome! Glad you like the site. My buddy just switched to voat after the reddit drama and I finally got him to check this site out and he also agrees. Voat seems to be a copy of reddit. Snapzu seems to but a great twist on things. Hope you continue to enjoy the site.

  • drunkenninja

    It's great to have you! As this community grows the smaller tribes will surely fill up with ever increasing activity and great content, but until then we just need to focus on making sure we invite the right people and continue to flourish as an awesome place for discussion.

    • redalastor

      I'd love to but I'd need to use the referal program and for that I'd need to have my reclaim tribe request processed.

      I posted it 6 days ago. Can you look at it? Pretty please?

      • drunkenninja

        On it now! Must have missed it, if it takes this long be sure to PM me and I'll get to it much quicker. I promise.

  • Zerei

    Hi there! I'm on the same boat as you. Coming from reddit and I already love the layout. Let's see what this will bring.

  • Gozzin

    it is nice..I'm also from Reddit and spend less and less time there and more and more here. I hope it stays on the small side. Anyway,welcome aboard.

  • babymeta1 (edited 4 years ago)

    I was on Reddit for awhile couldn't get into it. Found Voat, couldn't get into it either. Now I only use Imgur and Twitter, then recently I stumbled upon the great Snapzu! Snapzu is great. It already feels like it's going to be my official internet "home".

  • bodaciouskeanu

    I had used reddit and still use tumblr. So far, I have found Snapzu to be what I wished reddit would have been in my time using it and it provides a different kind of outlet than tumblr. The community definitely is great also!