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Hello there!

So, I'm brand new Snapzu and just wanted to get myself situated here. What are some features about this platform that really set it apart for you all personally? Why did you join up?

So from what I understand the site is completely democartic, which I am all for. Other than that, it isn't Reddit, which is good enough for me!

1 year ago by supernight52 with 3 comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

    Hey, there! Welcome to Snapzu! :-)
    Not really a feature, but the decency and friendliness on this website sets it far apart from a lot of others. Besides that, I am actually becoming friends with several people here, okay, online, but still. That says enough to me about the users. :-)
    A nice feature is the way you can "level up" on this site: with nice cartoon figures, a very specified way of building up your points, for instance by helping people, by sharing video's, everything is specified and rewarded as such. It can be competitive. My former girlfriend and I were in a fierce battle in the background, just for shits and giggles. It can be very entertaining (to me). :-)
    I joined up because of Reddit, like more users here and also to have a good alternative for lots of social media and news aggregators. I think the moderation on this site is done more by common sense, instead of opinion alone. Also the amount of interesting articles can be overwhelming, but that is a good thing. High quality content is favored in this household. ;-)