Let's have a thread to post interesting tribes for the new members.

First of all, /t/newtribes is a thing. You can post them there to help advertise.

I'll plug myself and say that I'm the chief of /t/learnprogramming off the ground, so if that is your thing, or you want to make it your thing, post there.

For those who are looking for an askreddit type experience, check out /t/asksnapzu.

Anyways, post away!

Edit: Side note, I didn't even realize that I was the chief of /t/newtribes. Only meant to plug my programming tribe. Oh well haha.

7 years ago by picklefingers with 42 comments

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  • wktmeow (edited 7 years ago)

    I've just joined these that look like they could use a few more members, if you're working in this sort of field




    • picklefingers

      Oh cool, a linux tribe. If that becomes popular I may start an arch linux community.

  • Splitfish

    Great idea for a post: My personal favorites are:





    I operate: (I've been here forever so I got a chance to snatch up some great topics)





    • Macstiff

      For how long has snapzu existed? I would love this to become more popular, but I'm a new user, and there are many kind of specific topics, that no one is chatting about. This sadly forces me, to go back to bigger sites as Reddit, whenever the whole drama is over.

      • Tawsix

        Snapzu has been around since 2012. And really, Reddit is still a good site for more niche communities, I certainly still use it for those. I do like Snapzu more for the rest though. The "big" tribes with 5-6-7000 members are active enough to keep fresh content flowing.

        You could help build up a more specific tribe though: if it doesn't exist, create it and promote it, and if it does, start posting content to it and promote it!

  • [Deleted Profile] (edited 7 years ago)

    [This comment was removed]

  • Konijn (edited 7 years ago)

    My favorites so far are:




    Edit: I stumbled upon Snapzu.com/tribeindex which lists a bunch of tribes by categories. I've just subscribed to twenty more.

    • shannondoah

      Also /t/Metaphysics actually features academic discussion of stuff about metaphysics(that subfield of philosophy) rather than New-Age woo.

  • eruditojones

    Tribes I run:

    /t/satire - a place to post your The Onion like material

    /t/improv - a place for internet improvisation (like Whose Line and Mock the Week). (hint hint would really like any help to help plug this one if you're new from Reddit and don't fancy starting something on your own.)

    Most of the rest of my favourites have already been posted. Hoping to see more activity in the discussion Tribes.

  • BunnyPoopCereal (edited 7 years ago)

    Does this website have groups like /MURICA, /tinder, /Atheism, /cats, /nsfw?

  • GreatMightyPoo

    I'm currently only chief of 4 tribes atm.


    The last two needs a user base to be built up to be self sustaining; hoping for them to be the snapzu versions of their reddit counterparts. I'm not sure I'm up for running them so if anyone wants them they can have it; otherwise I'll do the best I can. /t/ravens is currently the most "active" of the 4. If you're a Raven's fan, come join in. /t/emulation is kinda empty but I plan on starting to submit some content to get it going.

    • idrinkirnbru

      Hey, great to see some other PC people around! You up for a link exchange with /t/pcmasterrace? Would be good for growing both the tribes!

  • gnarvin

    I just started /t/reptiles for your reptile and other herp needs.

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

  • SilverMcFly (edited 7 years ago)

    I'm new also, so thanks for the very warm welcome! I went searching for a tribe and found it pretty desolate. So to anyone else who is new and also a beekeeper head on over to /t/beekeeper.

    I also just started /t/HannibalTV for anyone who is a fan of the show. Come, Dine.

  • skinnyboy

    Hey, also new to snapzu but I've just started up two tribes for topics I am a big fan of, come check us out at /t/AgentsofSHIELD as well as /t/Flash. These are both tribes for two of the biggest comic book TV shows right now. They could both benefit from some users to start off our community here so come check us out!

  • Boop

    If you're a runner, then check out /t/run!

  • MrY (edited 6 years ago)

    Hmm, /t/asksnapzu is always a good read, and I've started /t/overwatch (any gamers out there?), /t/mildlyinfuriating (we've all had that just makes us want to hit something), and /t/celebs (we all need some eye candy).

    • eilyra

      I do believe you're referring to /t/overwatch rather than /u/overwatch! :)

      But definitely into the whole gaming thing, hopefully Overwatch will be good, especially now as I believe the whole FoV issue was resolved (I seem to recall there being a statement that they're including the option to customize the FoV, though I don't believe a range was stated). Hopefully the monetization model will be a bit more lenient than Heroes of the Storm as well, those heroes carry quite the price tag.

      • MrY

        oops yup! Yea I definitely don't want to be dolling out lots of cash to play

  • sin

    ok, obviously the NSFW tribes have to be listed here as well. :)

    Sadly there are only a few so far:

    /t/nsfw - Nsfw and intering topics

    /t/milf - Nsfw content of milfs (Mothers I'd Like to F***)

    /t/nsfwgif - The best nsfw porn gifs.

    /t/bustypetite - Nsfw pictures of petite girls with a big rack.

    /t/amateur -Amateur pictures, videos and gifs.

    /t/realgirls - Nsfw pictures of real girls.


  • DJVee

    I really like:

    I am the current tribe leader of:

    It's still pretty new, so not a whole lot is there, but it'd be great to get some more Smash players and get the tribe going!