Colorfull snapzu usernames (CSU) userscript

Hey guys,

i ported my reddit userscript to snapzu. It wasn't really that popular on reddit but i am using it all the time so i missed it here on snapzu.

Anyway, maybe someone else is interest in it as well.

https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/11346-colorfull-snapzu-usernames-csu (Screenshot inside)

Main features:

  • Colors are assigned so that a username will always have the same color, even in different comments and snaps.
  • OPs username highlighter.
  • VIP username highlighter (a simple GUI to add as many usernames you want to be highlighted) (Open the script options to open it).
  • Temp Highlighter (A new button appears beside the up/down vote arrows to highlight a username temporary. Great to get a better overview.).

Please let me know what you guys think.

It's the first version so i am sure there are bugs!


6 years ago by FrootLoops with 18 comments

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  • microfracture

    Thanks for porting it to work on Snapzu.
    Please port your visited link remover next. :)

  • massani

    All aboard the colorful username hype train!

    choo choo

  • zyrthofar

    Hey nice, I'm on your screenshot!

    Are the colors random?

    • FrootLoops

      The background color is based on the length of the name. The color of the letters are white or black depending on the best contrast to the background color.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • SevenTales

    I love it! Thanks Frootloops, this is gonna be great :D