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  • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

    I have had several downvotes on posts. Sometimes I removed them, mainly because they turned out to be re-posts or too lame. At first it is sort of strange: someone who disagrees anonymously (and without explanation). But after that millionth of a split second, the day goes on. Once I complained about it, ending up in a nice off-topic conversation with one of the Snapzu-heroes. So, there.

    Looking at the comments so far, you probably have the same experience. :-) So, how do you feel about that happening, instead of the usual digi-beef on other sites?

    • ohtwenty

      I think elsewhere there's just no hope for discussion if you post negative things. Here at least your comments stay visible; not so much for posts. So there seems to be at least the ability to talk about it if it happens. But it happens so rarely that it's pretty much a non-issue, which is definitely a welcome break.

      I really do appreciate the higher quality of posts and discussions here; I just wish there were more discussions. I try to start discussions sometimes by writing what I thought about an article, and then throwing some questions that I got because of that, but usually to no replies, but a few upvotes. Which is nice I guess in that people recognise that I said something, but a bummer because I'd rather have it turn into a conversation, instead of just being affirmed in my own thoughts.

      • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

        there’s just no hope for discussion if you post negative things.

        So you’re telling me you don’t sort all your Reddit results by “Controversial.”

        but usually to no replies

        If the straightforward approach isn’t working, maybe it’s time to use guile and deceit. Adopt positions meant to draw easily-made responses. Set up gags with punchlines you know are going to occur to large fractions of the people reading. Roleplay that one most aggravating person at every holiday family dinner that likes to bring up contentious issues in sports, religion and politics before having their second drink.

        I’d rather have it turn into a conversation

        Seems to me you’ve got the right idea. The conversation is the ultimate goal. You’re not bad at it, but a lot of us here are.

        If you find yourself making comments that nobody could reply to, say they’re dripping with absolutist moral judgments or soaked in so much sarcasm that anyone reading them runs into Poe’s Law, you’re not looking for conversation. You know, like saying “But both parties are the same!” or that kind of thing. Watch out if, in wanting to make a comment, all you’re doing is trolling. That’s an even bigger worry when, truth be told, you don’t know anything about the subject other than how to be odious about it.

        You, on the other hand, ’re a tall, cool refreshing glass of water. Stick around, we could use more like you around here.

    • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

      I’ll remove a repost most times, especially if it bothers someone. You should know, though, that a downvote for a repost will not affect your reputation score. Plenty of times, if a repost comes at the right time or gets into the right tribes, I’ll eat the downvotes and leave it in place. One thing I like about Snapzu’s culture is that you can mention downvotes without being punished for it with more downvotes than you ever thought possible. Reddit’s not like that.

      Oh, and also, there’s a racist, xenophobic, bigot that lurks, mostly, at Snapzu. They’re more or less drunk-firing downvotes into the dark at whatever looks like ‘Cultural Marxism’ to them, by which they mean things they don’t understand. Which is a lot.