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I am from India and love literature and technology. I found Snapzu on some post in Reddit as well. While I wasn't personally interested in /r/FatPeopleHate or other such communities, I felt that it would be a good time to explore similar sites. I get my daily dose of technology from HackerNews, but wanted something for the rest too.

In my 2-minute assessment of this site, I find the design really polished, but usability a wee-bit daunting. For instance, for this post, I clicked submit and found that I couldn't select /t/lounge as a tribe. Screenshot. Then, I happened to chance upon 'Start a discussion' that actually did what I expected.

Here's to Snapzu.

5 years ago by scriptdevil with 4 comments

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  • Splitfish

    Welcome to Snapzu. I THINK that you couldn't post it because the lounge tribe is set as TEXT POST only.

    • scriptdevil

      Aah, that is interesting. It would have been nice if the initial message that I received said "create a new discussion" in lounge rather than "submit a text post" in lounge. However, I guess that is just a part of the learning curve.

  • 96vs

    Welcome scriptdevil! I too have come from reddit with a similar sentiment. Exciting times to be here, hope you become part of the furniture!