Hey snapzu I have .... well sorta been cheating on you but is not what you think I still love you but you don't give me all our relationship needs..

So here is the real thing there are certain things that you (still) don't have mainly for me smashbros and the lack of a mobile app since I browse more when I'm out than on the computer. the other issue is that the recognition that /r/smashbros has gained allows it to have an influx of both the new techniques discovered and the participation of the big-shots of smash and to be truthful I spend more time at /r/smashbros than in the front page of reddit it is that much that it means to me, so sorry and I hope I can make some changes because I really like this place. (but I do need the mobile app I don't particularly like how the site restricts me on the phone)

6 years ago by Aticusdarklord with 4 comments

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  • spaceghoti

    I'm also still active on reddit. I don't think of it as cheating since I owe no site my allegiance or fidelity. I love the Snapzu functionality (other than, as you observed the restrictions for mobile device) and the community, but I still have plenty of friends on reddit whom I haven't yet convinced to migrate here. So I divide my time between them both.

    • Aticusdarklord

      While I too don't swear complete fidelity to a site I wanted to make a somewhat funny tittle but also incite some discussion into what to do with this(specially mobile compatibility ), I want to use both reddit and snapzu but I can't since I use more my phone than computer for social medias. :/

  • yippiekiay

    Completely agree with you on this. I just started on Snapzu today and I am loving it, however the mobile support has a long way to come. I still use reddit, but its becoming less and less as the website has become stagnant. Here's hoping that Snapzu has some teams working hard on a mobile app! :)

  • Bastou

    Proper mobile support is simply lacking because of a lack of APIs : there is no way currently for a developer to access Snapzu's functions without passing through the website (as a human does). But the admins are aware of this problem and it is quite high on their list of priorities for future development. So keep you hopes up, it's coming, we just don't know when exactly.