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  • Gozzin (edited 7 years ago)

    * Location: Eastern North Carolina.

    * interests/hobbies: Nature watching, computers, art, playing music,gardening, reading.

    * 5 music artists: No longer follow music,but I like Celtic.

    * 5 films: First 2 Star wars, Star Trek IV.

    * 5 shows: Stargate SG-1,MASH, Babylon 5, Alien Nation, House.

    * 5 games: Tabletop Simulator, PokerTH, MInecraft.

    * a dream/goal of mine: To have a successful garden.

    * two truths and a lie: (1) I hate the cold with a passion, (2) I can play the hammer dulcimer and mandolin (3) I want to learn sky diving.

    • Moderator

      Another sci-fi fan!

      Is it number 1?

    • CodeSoldier

      First of all... I'm impressed by your counting skills haha. Second, Number 3 is the lie! You are actually afraid of heights.