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Text Post: Have a Seat at the Lounge posted by Moderator
  • wwarped (edited 3 years ago)

    Oh lets give this a go then.

    * Location: Lowestoft, England.

    * Interests/hobbies: Words in various shape, size, and form. history, cooking, sociology, psychology, art, urban exploration, nature, the list is huge.

    * 5 music artist: David Bowie, Blur, Pulp, The Kinks, Madness.

    * 5 films: Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Life of Brian, Amelie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Shaun of the Dead.

    * 5 shows: Green Wing, QI, Black Books, Bottom, Fry & Laurie.

    * 5 games: Does trying to come into contact with as few idiots as possible count? Minecraft, Prison Architect, Europa Universalis IV, but that’s about it.

    * A dream/goal: My partner to be fit and healthy again, and for my books to be published. Yeah that is two, but I like to break rules.

    * Two truths and a lie:

    (1) I once packed a rucksack and left everything else behind to set up home elsewhere, not that I knew where at the time. Ended up in another country and never returned.

    (2) At the age of 13 I had my long hair shaved it off to raise money for cancer awareness, never grew it long again and it has been every colour you can think off since.

    (3) I was in a group of freestyle BMX riders as a teenager. We appeared on a kids TV show, showcasing our talents, only two hours later I broke my leg and missed out on touring Europe.

    May I just add that the 5 best list will change slightly depending on mood, hour, weather, and just because I an indecisive. Oh and any mods out there, i don’t really like to break rules, honest.

    • Moderator

      You're so edgy, man.

      Great to meet another Pulp fan. Blur are great as well. I'm also going to guess number 1 is a lie.

      • wwarped

        Edgy? I have been called many things, most of them unrepeatable in polite society. But never edgy.

    • Splitfish

      The more details given, the tougher this is. Hmmm I'm gonna guess 1 is the lie but don't answer just yet.

      • wwarped

        It's been a little time so I guess I shall reveal. Number 3 is the lie, but only a little one. As I was skateboarding, not a BMX rider.