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Text Post: Have a Seat at the Lounge posted by Moderator
Conversation 7 comments by 5 users
  • KingAztek (edited 3 years ago)

    location: Oceanside, CA

    interests/hobbies: music, politics, sports, gaming

    5 music artists: Drake, AC/DC, Ariana Grande (dead serious, I think she's awesome), Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake

    5 films: Pulp Fiction, Mad Max: Fury Road, Birdman, Saving Private Ryan, American Psycho

    5 shows: Breaking Bad, House of Cards, House, M.D., American Horror Story, The Walking Dead

    5 games: Madden NFL, FIFA, Civilization 5, Sly Cooper, Bioshock

    a dream/goal of mine: Leave a net positive impact to society

    two truths and a lie: (1) I've experienced 9 seizures in life, (2) I've had the same political views for a long time, (3) When I was young, I once did a rain dance shortly before it started raining

    • Moderator

      Tough one. Is is number 2?

      • KingAztek

        Yeah it's number 2. This time last year I was your typical rank-and-file conservative Republican. Now I volunteer for the Bernie Sanders' campaign.

    • bkool

      I want to answer your lie Q but what is "siezes"?

      • KingAztek

        It's supposed to say seizures. It's fixed now

        • [Deleted Profile]

          [This comment was removed]

    • picklefingers

      I know the truth but I'll hold my tongue since I know you haha.