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Text Post: Have a Seat at the Lounge posted by Moderator
  • canuck (edited 3 years ago)

    location: Ontario at the moment

    interests/hobbies: hockey, sports in general, movies, tv shows, hockey, hockey

    5 music artists: Eminem, 2Pac, BIG, Drake, Justin Bieber (JK)

    5 films: Shawshank Redemption, Interstellar, American Gangster, Independence day (from when I was a kid)

    5 shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad (now converted to Better Call Saul), Walking Dead, Lost (I miss it), Mad Men

    5 games: Civ 5, SC 2, DOTA, Any good RPG, Any good FPS

    a dream/goal of mine: travel 100 countries (at approx 25 so a long ways to go)

    two truths and a lie: (1) I can stay up for 72 hours, (2) I play hockey (3) I've spent time in prison

    • Moderator

      You're very Canadian :D

      I'm gonna go ahead and call you out on number 3. If not that, then number 1. Maybe we can play some StarCraft sometime. Thanks for stopping by.

      • canuck

        Haha yea, I forgot to call you out!

        My guess is that 2 is a lie. I'd believe 1 or maybe 2, but 3 is a ton of reading.

        • Moderator

          Haha, you got me. I guess that was a little too obvious.

    • Kysol

      3 - Canada doesn't have guns, so it doesn't have a need for Prison. -- Joking, I'll say 2 as you would want to play Hockey, an injury sustained in a local moose riding competition meant that your dreams to play were shattered like your femur... ok ok I kid... geeze tough crowd. For realsies I'd say 2 as a legit answer.

      • canuck

        So 2 and 3 as the truths and 1 as the lie?

        • Kysol

          Sorry I mean 2 was the lie. I need coffee stat!

    • bkool

      1 (sleep) is a lie. I can't even do 36 hours.