Many snaps sound spammy or clickbaity

Am I the only one who feels that a lot of the snaps on the front page (new) feel really spammy or clickbaity? I understand a lot of people want to gain exp quickly, but I don't think mass posting every article you find on the internet is the best way to do it. Just my 2 cents though, anyone have any other opinions?

6 years ago by MadMonk with 17 comments

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  • Teska

    Are they truly clickbaity, or are they just about subjects you don't find interesting? I've found a lot of interesting articles about things I wasn't necessarily looking for (like work on gene therapy for kidney stones), but it surely wasn't titled "You won't believe what doctor's are learning about kidney stones! Click here to find out!"

    There's also been a lot of subject matter I've simply passed up (pokemon) because it doesn't interest me in the slightest, yet it seems very prevalent. And that is perhaps due to the fact that I don't care for it.

  • noot

    The problem is you won't really be able to stop people posting these kind of things as long as they're upvoted. One way to stop it is by people recognizing it as bad content and downvoteing it. But sometimes even good content has clickbait titles. The reason we have the voting system is to differentiate between good and bad content, a clickbait title in front of bad content should theoretically not be upvoted and a clickbait title in front of good content should theoretically be upvoted. Of course the voting system doesn't always work, lots of things other than the contents quality contribute to how many upvotes it gets. The only thing we can really do is recognise what content is quality content and what content isn't.

  • sarcasimo

    There's one account in particular that seems to spamming their own blog articles in unrelated Tribes. (It filled my new snaps feed this morning) Has anyone come across a mechanism to report an account?

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    • spaceghoti

      That's definitely a valid use for the downvote. Downvoting from the tribe in question and listing why you downvoted (wait a moment after you click the downvote button and a dialog box should appear) will help sort it out. The admins are keeping an eye on who is downvoting and for what reasons.

  • ThermalShock

    Are they just copying the article headlines? News headlines tend to be downright awful about that these days.

    My only real complaint that might be related is that I'm seeing a lot of duplicate snaps. The recent news about Pluto being a good example of that. So far I've just picked one snap over the other and stuck with it. I'm not sure if there's a better way to tackle the issue except having the mods start cracking down on it.

    • MadMonk

      A lot of them are copying article headlines, and I'll agree with you on that, it does flavor the perception a bit. Honestly, I think it is people trying to farm exp by going and posting whatever articles they can find, simply for the points.

  • Zorgon

    I think it's a lot better than having only a few options of articles. At least this way you are sure to find something you're interested in.

  • spaceghoti

    I thought we weren't supposed to editorialize titles. So if an article I like has a title you object to, how am I supposed to reconcile the problem?

    • LacquerCritic

      I tend to simplify the titles of articles I'm submitting. I had a beauty video I submitted in which I used the intro and title, but I cut out the brand names, unnecessary info, etc. to try to give enough info to allow people to decide whether they wanted to spend time on the snap or not. On the makeup/beauty side of things, titles and intros can really seem like those animated ads proclaiming stuff about that one trick doctors hate.

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