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Heya- Reddit user trying something new

The look and feel here is far better, but I guess my boss will be able to tell that it is not a crappy IT user forum.

What are your perspectives of the site thus far?

3 years ago by Turambar with 5 comments

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  • gremlin

    I think it has a very sleek and elegant design. It feels like it is still under construction though, but it also feels promising. I do think, at the moment, it lacks users. So the more users, the merrier! Welcome aboard!

  • sarcasimo

    Welcome to the party! Take a look around, you'll probably enjoy what you see. It's a great community. And yeah, it's a bit too pretty to be confused with ExpertsExchange.

    Make sure to take a quick peek at the FAQ and Rules.

    You should be able to find some interesting tribes in the Tribe Index and /t/newtribes . Also, the search function here is really good for finding tribes.

    Have fun!

  • Specter09

    Not many comments but there's some nice comments. The leveling system is cool too

  • Bossman

    I love the leveling system with the exp. I like being able to post more than just text or links. Adding pictures to your post and such is a cool idea. I do wish they'd refine the profiles, feeds, and how you view your comment/post history a little more. But these are all minor complaints so far.

  • riteorong

    Much better than Voat visually. Different from /r but that's expected. Former SlashDot and Digg follower, just looking for meaningful browsing experience.