I'm baaaack

It's been a while. For those who aren't aware, there was a scare with my wife's pregnancy, and she was placed on bed rest. This left me with doing my normal job, all house work, all shopping, and all the child rearing for our other 2 boys*

  • Disclaimer: I don't hold any of that against her. Doctors orders are what they are, and a healthy wife and baby were my priority.

Good news! I'm not getting sleep any more!

Yep. Joker Junior Part Trois made it here. As I try to stay anonomous, I'm not giving the birth date (I've made it known which state I reside in).

I'm happy to announce that mommy and son are doing great. I'll run it by Mrs. Joker to see if I can share pics. If so, I'll reply to this discussion with linkage to pics.

7 years ago by joker with 4 comments

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  • jcscher

    Glad to see you back and congrats o n the new baby!

  • drunkenninja

    Welcome back :) Glad everything worked out as it should.

  • Appaloosa

    Nice to hear everything worked out!

  • Boudicca

    Congratulations, glad to hear that it all came good.