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What's the coolest thing you've experienced in another country

I'm traveling abroad at the moment and wanted to know what other people have done abroad.

3 years ago by AinBaya with 15 comments

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  • Fooferhill

    I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. I know very tourist like and unoriginal. It was cool because I have nerve damage in my leg which has left me struggling to walk properly. I spent months rehabilitating before my trip and felt this was a great achievement. And I travelled solo for the first time-which was another cool achievement for me.

  • chloe

    oh man, what a neat question.

    just last month, I was in Chicago when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. it would've been a huge party if they had won in Tampa, but the fact they won in their home city brought things to a whole new level. it was amazing to walk around and celebrate with the city.

    as a Torontonian, I know I'll never experience my home team winning the Cup at home in my life. so that made it special, haha. :(

    • Katherine

      As a Torontonian... this is too sad.

  • Kyoteren

    Small town festivals in rural Japan always leave me stunned, especially Obon in August. Something magical about the town coming together on a summer evening to light a bonfire, carry lanterns, and do their own local semi-mysterious rituals. To think that these towns have been performing these same events for generations going back a thousand years sometimes adds a whole new layer to appreciate. As a foreigner, there's a wonderful feeling of being an outsider while also being tacitly accepted as part of a group. Such a ethereal and bizarre feeling to be straddling that line.

  • dannycdannydo

    24 hour delivery McDonalds, including the ability to set up a regular scheduled delivery (say, coffee and donuts in the morning) in Shanghai is probably my actual answer.

    If I was going to fake it and not sound like something so pathetic blew me away... probably Chinese New Year in Beijing. Very very loud.

  • scheda

    This may not be the norm, but I think to me the most impressive thing as an American who grew up without ever leaving the country was backpacking through villages in Central America and seeing that no matter where you go, it's just people living their lives. They may be poorer, speak a different language, and have different customs, but none of that matters much. Everyone is just going through their daily routine. There's not much of a difference between that guy over there and yourself.

  • SCARmk17

    Definitely Octoberfest in Munich, Germany. So many people drinking at 10AM in their lederhosen and drindl. I thought I was going to look too touristy in my lederhosen until I showed up. In fact, I'd you WEREN'T wearing the traditional dress attire, you would stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone at the 'tents' were very pleased and wonderful and shared a lot of information about their country. 10/10 would do again!

  • Triseult

    I've traveled quite a bit (still do; I mostly live abroad now) and my favorite part of travel is and always will be the people.

    I've made friends with an amazing man in Kolkata who raises his five daughters and two sons by making chai at a street stall. I've had a long chat in the universal language of pointing enthusiastically in an alleyway in Syria. I've heard the call to prayer rise from al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. I ate home-cooked wild mushrooms in the Mexican countryside.

    The list goes on... My recommendation is always: slow down, forge some habits, smile to people. It's not about chasing the experience, it's about letting the experience come to you.

  • massani (edited 3 years ago)

    Going to the clubs in East Berlin. It was insane because when we got off the metro there were huge crowds. It looked like a super sketchy area because some of the people and all the graffiti. Not to mention that the entire area was nothing but warehouses, probably from WWII-era. It was so cool and honestly an awesome way to experience East Berlin like that. We decided to give the area a chance and go out.

    IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We got super hammered and went into a bar and danced for a couple hours. Had no issues.

  • nemesis1211

    As a part of an excursion package from a cruise to Mexico, my wife and I participated in an "Amazing Race" type competition. When we arrived in Cozumel, we were escorted by bus to a local mall to begin the race and for the next six hours we were running around the city looking for clues and solving puzzles to get to our next destination. It was very exciting as we were able to see a lot of the city we would have otherwise not seen.

  • Jaspreetzing

    Checked my bank balance in Indonesia. It was in millions! (Google 1 USD to IDR to see conversion rate). Most meals cost upward of 100,000 rupiah :-)I do love Indonesian food and coffee.

  • AnotherFuture

    I was in Munich a few years ago, and me and my group went past this small river, called the Eisbach, that forms a rapid wave. It was breathtaking watching people surf on that river.

  • Schwut (edited 3 years ago)

    Just wanted to point out that there is a great tribe for questions like this. /t/asksnapzu

    Edit: Sorry for the repitition. I didn't see /u/Quietrabbit post about it before me.