Text Post: New tribe idea posted by Aticusdarklord
  • leetmoaf (edited 5 years ago)

    The one problem I see from this is that something that you've discovered might not be new to other people. It's possible that the tribe would get overwhelmed with already well established cult favorite media (e.g. OMG guys have you heard of Attack on Titan? It's so amazing!). It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it might be a common occurrence you will have to deal with.

    I'm not against it, but it might have issues.

    Ideas for a name? You could call it /t/snaphchaeology, because you are a snapzite uncovering potentially valuable, undiscovered content.

    • Aticusdarklord

      Maybe limit the post to. Month or two for example attack on titan you cannot post about it if there is another thread that is at least a month old or something like that and if you break the rule the post gets removed the problem would be checking for this and that people abide to this rule