New user from reddit here

Decided to try out new sites. Honestly I was getting tired of reddit in general, it seemed I couldn't post anything without atleast one really negative comment. I mean yeah, you can't please everyone, but there's no need for personal attacks just because you didn't like my post.

I've been browsing around for a while tonight, and the only thing I miss is the mobile apps. It mostly works on mobile Web for me, just finding the font a bit small.

I made a few posts, and even started a tribe since one of the smaller subreddits I frequent had no equivalent tribe here.

8 years ago by ProtoJazz with 5 comments

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  • White

    Welcome. I've been here since the last wave of Reddit drama and have to say I like this community a lot more. I've seen a few people saying they're working on a mobile app, so hopefully at least one of them goes well.

  • snapchopsuey

    I just stepped off the same boat to get here, and for pretty much the same reason as well. In my case it wasn't so much negativity directed at me, just the negative atmosphere overall. It's been feeling crowded and hostile over there for a while, and by comparison this place seems to be free of that. While it took me a couple years to finally sign up and start participating, I lurked on reddit starting in 2007, and snapzu reminds me of what it was like back then; there's that intangible "it" here, suggesting a lot of potential and some good years ahead.

    Also agree about the necessity of a mobile app; I can do laptop for some of the day, but most of the time that I'm in the mode for interneting these days is when I'm on the phone (and my eyes aren't as good as yours, I know well enough to not even try reading this on mobile web :). I think the same goes for a lot of people, that once there's a viable mobile app, this place will really take off.

    • ProtoJazz

      Yeah, I didn't post much. I had 1 front page post on a default sub, and man I stopped reading the comments after a while. I feel like there's not as much discussion as there used to be, and so many topics are either black or white. For example one time someone was saying that you never have to work overtime, and you should always stand up for your rights as an employee. But no one seemed to acknowledge that yeah, sometimes if you refuse something your boss wants, they might not be as forgiving on some other matter. I tried to mention it but it wasn't very popular. Sticking it to the man, knowing your rights, and asking if your being detained is Aparently the trend.

      I pretty much only read these types of sites on my phone. So an app would be great. Or maybe I could just get new glasses

  • Fooferhill

    Welcome and good luck with the tribe.

  • MadMonk

    Welcome to Snapzu! We tend to be a bit more laid back here, and don't downvote everything like reddit did. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!