Another Redditor Saying "Hi"!

Hi everyone! Like (seemingly) many of you I am (was?) a redditor who started looking into some alternatives during the blackout and associated drama. Reddit seems to be getting itself back together as much as it was before that all went down but the quality of conversation and links has been going down for a while anyway so I'm hoping to find another community with less trolling and perhaps higher standards for discourse.

7 years ago by miyakohouou with 3 comments

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  • microfracture

    Hi miyakohouou, Welcome to the community. I've been here for about 3-4 days now and the atmosphere on Snapzu has been absolutely great.
    Check out everything it has to offer and I'm sure you will enjoy it here. :)

    Here are some helpful links to get you started if you are interested:
    What is Snapzu? | Frequently Asked Questions | Tribe Index

  • mtnrg

    Hello! I think you found that community

  • iwillparty

    Hi! One thing I've noticed is the quality of content at snapzu. I'm glad I joined.