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Hello from a Geeky Gamer Girl who just got her Invite to Snapzu

Hello! I first learned about Snapzu when one of the creators contacted me on Reddit last week about their new blogenhancement platform, and from reading over their landing page that led me here to Snapzu. :)

I'm a 35 year old geeky gamer girl who loves anime and anything kawaii cute. I work as a web developer and graphic artist and live in Pennsylvania (about an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh).

I enjoy console and PC gaming equally well. I mostly enjoy RPGs, especially JRPGs (though I do play western RPGs or other gaming genres too). Also really big into Visual Novels, or "Dressup/Gacha" style mobile games (like Lineplay and CocoPPaplay). Strategy and Simulation games are also another genre that I enjoy. I really like when a JRPG blends all of these things together, such as a JRPG with City Building, Dating Sim, Branching Plot, and cosmetic/dressup items.

I watch mostly shoujo and slice of life type anime, though there are exceptions. I like cosplay and recently have been getting back into that hobby. I plan to attend some of the conventions around here, such as Tekko this year and hopefully Colossalcon this spring.

I also like Korean Dramas (Kdramas) and Kpop Music.

I collect anime figures, asian balljointed dolls, Dollfie Dreams, Pullips, Pure Neemo, and Obitsu dolls.

Occasionally read manga, but my attention span is short, and "reading's hard" lol j/k, just spend more time playing games or watching anime than reading these days. :)

Oh and I love cats, and have 2 of them myself ^^ I like dogs (and also have 2 of those). And I love other animals like rabbits, chinchillas, guineapigs, jerboas, ferrets, hamsters, etc. Which I currently do not own, but have owned some of those species throughout the years in the past. My latest obsession are jerboas which I just discovered like a week ago; because they look like Hanpan from Wild Arms 1 on Playstation 1. So now I want one lol. Cats are greater than all though, because of purrs and headbonks :). Sleepy kitty laying on you all day is best thing in the world :).

I think that covers all the important things. -- Nice to meet you!! :)

9 months ago by GeekySweetie with 3 comments

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  • AdelleChattre

    Hail! And well met, /u/GeekySweetie! It's probably for the best, not having the jerboa, that is. They can get everywhere and anywhere, right? So nice to have you at Snapzu!

  • drunkenninja (edited 9 months ago)

    Welcome GeekySweetie! Nice to have you!

  • Appaloosa

    Such a nice introduction! Welcome Geeky!