Where to publish and text post box opens off window

Suddenly the "where to publish" and "text post" dialog window opens below the window in firefox. I had to open in safari to make this post. Perhaps /u/teamsnapzu or /u/drunkenninja could take a look and fix it? It makes posting very hard for me.

1 year ago by kxh with 6 comments

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  • kxh

    Each time I have to open a dialog when I'm making a post, the dialog moves further down from the top of the window until I can't get to it anymore, even by growing the window. I have posts I can't make any more because the "where to publish" dialog is too far away for me to access. Please fix this, or no-one will be able to post anymore on snapzu.

    • kxh

      I have found I can zoom out until I can get the top of the dialog. I have to zoom in and then hit the "where to publish" button, then zoom out until I can see the top of the "where to publish" dialog.

      • Gozzin

        Hummm,not seeing this. Can you do a screenshot?

        • kxh (edited 1 year ago)

          I'll have to make a post, wait a bit.

          Today the "text post box" works properly. The tags box works OK. The "where to publish" box still doesn't work.

          1. I click on the "choose" button and the window goes dark. The "where to publish box is not appearing.

          2. Then I zoom out and there it is at the bottom of the window.

          3. When I zoom out enough I can see the finish button but everything's too small to read.

    • kxh

      Seems to be fixed now.

  • brindam

    In the new windows explorer (Edge) actually does not exist this dialog box :D