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Seasoned users, are there any tribes you would like to recommend to us newcomers from reddit?

3 years ago by TonyP with 15 comments

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  • DastardlyVandal

    This is a good start. It's an index for many of the tribes separated out by category. It's probably one of the better resources you can use, since you have a good array of tribes to choose from, as well as see how many members are in it so you can have a bit of an idea on how much content will be available from them.

    • TonyP

      A great overview, Thanks DastardlyVandal!

    • Soleurs

      Thanks for the link!

    • IHeartGaming

      Thanks for the index link! I've subscribed to a lot of tribes that weren't defaults.

    • Kayzaks

      Been looking for something just like that, thanks!

  • Photocopier

    Are there any good tribes for creativity\OC ? I see the likes of /t/art but it appears to be more for sharing good art than specifically geared towards new content. If anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere with a creative bent I would be much obliged.

  • Priceless (edited 3 years ago)

    /t/disney! It's the happiest place on snapzu! Well, it will be once we get some more members.

  • skinnyboy

    I feel no shame in promoting my new tribes /t/flash and /t/agentsofshield, I've made these for the fans of those two series, anyone who's interested come give us a shout! These are both newly made tribes so best thing to do to get the ball rolling is to keep posting. Thanks for checking us out.

  • HeyYourself

    If you are interested in the topic, you can come to /t/lightbulb. I need some users there. Inspired in the lightbulb from reddit. :)

    • Axiomatic

      Hey! It looks like we have fairly similar tribes (/t/milliondollarideas). Perhaps we could exchange links and establish what differentiates them?

      • HeyYourself

        I was just reading your tribe, and I don't think that we have any other difference than that ideas on lightbulb don't need to be millionaire, just random works too. So, what should we do? Should I delete my tribe, as yours is older?