[Wilmington, NC][garage rock] FREE CLINIC

Wait It Out (album)

FREE CLINIC's sound reminds me of the lo-fi mix of The Strokes. A lot of their songs have the wall of noise coming at you with a twangy guitar line higher in the mix. My favorite song from this album is "Young" or "No More Problems".

6 years ago by clammysax with 1 comments

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  • clammysax

    Jack Kotz comes off as electro psychadelia lite. It is real mellow and listenable. No lyrics on these tracks, although the occasional vocal line is thrown in. Just a nice sounding spaced-out guitar. I'm digging "Delay Me" right now.

    Shaun Paul doesn't use drums, but the rhythm guitar and the occasional solo doesn't require it. Acoustic, garage, folk. It's a genuine sound. "Honey Dripper" is my favorite. "If You Were Me" is pretty solid too. Vocals remind me of a less intense Jack White.