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Hints/tips for i3?


I just started using i3, and was hoping to see if anyone had any hints/tips for how I can make the best use out of it? I'm quite happy with the standard set-up, it's super fast and really works with what I want to do, but was quite annoyed at having to figure things out like easier wifi-connecting, figuring out volume, and figuring out brightness.

1 year ago by ohtwenty with 3 comments

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  • TentativePrince

    As a complete linux noob myself, I too would like to know. Upvoted for visibility.

    • ohtwenty (edited 1 year ago)

      let me start with a question: why is xbacklight not working for me? None of the fixes online seem to be working.... any idea?

      I can share what I've found, so far! First of all, after you're acquainted with the very basics, read over each part of the user's guide; even if you're not going to use it now it might come in handy in the future (I'm looking at you, scratchpad).

      Besides that, I've adjusted things in this way:

      Put the i3bar at the top, as per this

      Prettied the bar up using this source; mind you, I had to personally adjust the battery number due to how my laptop was set up before it would show up! (and if this is the case for you you'll have to do it twice!!!! once at the top, and down lower); ditto for wireless, which is on another dev # for me, for unknown reasons.

      I used this to set a grey generic background, but decided to put a pic instead, which it links to too.

      And lastly, and almost most importantly because it bothers me so much that this isn't included by default, here's a few settings on how to enable multimedia keys, like volume and brightness

      edit: wicd-client is what I'm using for wifi now, seems to work pretty well.

    • WhoNeedszZz

      I'm not a tiling wm fan, but I have a lot of Linux experience so if you have any specific questions I may be able to assist.