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What's your rank? Share your tips with others in ranked!

I'm Gold 4, and one big tip for you guys is to always be patient in teamfights. Don't go for that kill as soon as you see it, and wait and observe and make sure you are safe before engaging.

3 years ago by kvn with 4 comments

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  • egrodo

    Gold 2, always try to guess where the jungler is. Know his timers and ping when you see him gank. If you can correctly guess where he is you'll be able to help your entire team avoid ganks.

  • Civil

    Gold ADC/Support main.

    ADC: During lane phase, focus on those last hits. Only take trades when your opponent over extends or as they're going for a last hit. Always keep an eye on the enemy support if they have a initiate/hook/cc (Leona, Blitz, Thresh, Taric, etc) and try to either keep a wave between you and them or stay out of range.

    For fights, don't tunnel vision on someone. I still do this more often than I should. Tunnel vision leads to you running through the enemy team to try and get that last hit on someone, then promptly dying. Stay on the edge of fights, damage who come into your range.

    Support: Keep those wards up! Make sure to keep vision on possible gank routes. Also be aware of the jungler coming through the lane bushes if you're stuck under your turret. Awareness is the most important thing as a support.

    Also, don't go all in if your ADC doesn't seem ready. Poke when you can, but don't go oom or go too deep. You'll regret it.

  • chuyo (edited 3 years ago)

    Platinium 2 ! Focus on the map ! Put wards ! Never give up!

    As ADC player, dont focus to take kills in team fight (if u already got some). Kills provide gold -> items -> DMG.

    So don't focus on the kills in tf but on the damage. Of course u need to kill your enemies, but don't get out-position for pickcking up one. Leave that to your midlaner ;D

  • merk

    Diamond 5. I play support 80% of the time. If you have any questions about supporting feel free to ask, I try to answer as well as I can.

    General tips: Don't blame teammates, there is always something you could have done differently/better. While I agree wards are gold spent very well, don't die to place that one deep ward down, it is not worth it. If possible, ask your teammates to come with you if you want to ward deeply. Or do it when you KNOW you can't be caught (e.g.: jungle top, you see that mid recalled and you see both botlaners bot. )

    The one thing I am activly trying to improve is my use of F2-F5 to monitor my teammates and how their lanes go.