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  • Current Event
    2 years ago
    by manix
    +38 +1

    Homeless man who spotted California fugitives gets $100,000 reward

    A homeless man from San Francisco who pointed police toward two Orange County inmates who had escaped from jail will get the lion’s share of a $150,000 reward, the Orange County board of supervisors voted Tuesday. The Orange County board of supervisors awarded Matthew Hay-Chapman $100,000, said county spokeswoman Jean Pasco. Two Target employees and a man whose van was stolen by the escapees will split the remaining $50,000.

  • Current Event
    2 years ago
    by geoleo
    +21 +1

    Video released of helicopter escape from Quebec jail

    A video showing a helicopter escape of two inmates in 2013 from a detention centre in St-Jérôme, Que., was unveiled today during the trial of Hells Angels sympathizer Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau. Hudon-Barbeau, 38, is accused of participating in a series of unrelated crimes in the province's Laurentians region in the fall of 2012 relating to a drug turf war. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

  • Current Event
    1 year ago
    by geoleo
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    The Jailbreaking Community Is Bracing for Google to Publicly Drop an iPhone Exploit

    Until recently, there were many talented hackers—known as jailbreakers—trying to break into the iPhone to open up Apple’s notoriously closed operating system, and for the thrill of the challenge. The iPhone was, and still probably is, the most secure consumer computing device on the planet. The days of people dropping one-click iPhone jailbreaks on the internet are long gone. There are still security researchers hacking iOS, but the bugs they find are so rare that they often sell them to brokers for upwards of a million dollars.

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
    by m8gege

    TaiG experiences