[Features] Daily megathread in /t/lounge for new people to say "Hi" , and adjust this in the first email sent to new members.

/t/lounge used to be a place of discussion, and of a few "hellos" from new people introducing themselves. I'm more than happy for people to still say Hi in the /t/lounge (hey, that's how I did as well), but with the amount of new people it is getting very messy and hard to see discussions happening.

I remember when I first joined, there was already a megathread like this, and people were sharing a lot more than just a hello.

7 years ago by Cheesemangeur with 3 comments

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  • Chubros

    Or better yet create a tribe called /t/introductions designed for just that.

    • Chubros

      Actually i just clicked it and it already exists.

      • Cheesemangeur

        To me the good thing about saying Hi in the /t/lounge is that you already get comments and advice from people who've been here the longest, and if it was in another tribe not many people would actually see their introduction.

        I am not sure what is the best option, I just want people to still say Hi, but not clog the /t/lounge with endless Hellos.