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3 user-friendly changes

  1. Comments should show their upvote/downvote score without having to move your cursor on it.

  2. The font for the site need to be more darker and bolder. I always like Reddit's font because it was very easy to read and was very "neutral". The font used on this site looks a bit too "modern" and this focus on design takes away from clarity and visibility.

  3. Whenever you post, a little experience notification is shown on the top. You can automatically close it, and it autocloses in about 3 seconds. I think the close button should be removed, and the autoclosing time is reduced to 1 second. Making a post and having that notification pop up gets annoying very fast, and the close button is just an extra step.

4 years ago by kvn with 7 comments

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  • snakespm (edited 4 years ago)

    1) Personally I like the way the upvote/downvote score is. It makes the UI feel cleaner. Why is upvote/downvote score that important that the number is visible?

    2) I agree, I would like them to tweak the font a bit for easier readability.

    3) I agree, and think maybe go a step farther. Remove the notification completely, and replace it with just a quick little +170 xp message over your avatar.

    • douglas77

      Why is upvote/downvote score that important that the number is visible?

      I don't care about the score itself, but instantly seeing if I have already upvoted a comment would be nice.

      • Axiomatic (edited 4 years ago)

        I think having to hover over a comment to view its score might also encourage people to fully read and consider comments before rating them, and therefore also help prevent the cascades of downvotes that occur when users view posts which have already been significantly downvoted (hive mentality). However, this could also be prevented by requiring brief explanations from the users at the time of downvoting, in which case it would be fine to show comment scores at all times.

    • Schwut

      Going one step further with #3, I don't really need to see every single time that I've posted a comment in my notifications log. A statistics bar on my profile or at the bottom of the notifications log would be much better, showing exp earned from comments, posts, snaps, ect.

      • snakespm (edited 4 years ago)

        I was kinda thinking something like this. I tried to find something better. Basically they are mimicking a video game with this system, so it would look a bit more video gamey if they had that message over your avatar.

        • Schwut

          Yeah that would be cool for when you actually post or comment. I should probably clarify what I was saying more. I think that there should also be a stats bar for daily total experience, reputation gain/loss, and total upvotes/downvotes.

  • Ranmaru (edited 4 years ago)

    1. It does on mobile browsers. I'm on my tablet right now and the score is permanently visible. That's enough for me. On the PC it's no biggie to hover over it. Makes the UI feel cleaner.

    2. Does Reddit even have a default font? I always thought it uses the font I set in my browser (sans-serif variety) because it looks different in Windows and Linux. In Chrome I have Droid Sans as a default and Reddit uses that, on Windows Firefox it uses Arial. I agree however that the ability to set another font in my profile via user CSS would be a nice addition to Snapzu, even though I like the default font.

    3. I agree and like /u/snakespm's idea with the EXP message over the avatar. Kinda makes it look like a level up message in an RPG.