Option for Chiefs to add a person's Snap to their Tribe?

This is both a "does it exist" and a suggestion if it doesn't.

Recently, someone posted a snap directly related to my tribe, but did not submit it to my tribe. I also don't know if the tribe limit for snaps includes after the fact of posting, or just doing posting, so there may be no way for this person to add it to my tribe, despite this, it is relevant.

Is there a way I can add it to my tribe without directly reposting and thus creating a duplicate post and also taking the OP's carma?

7 years ago by Fuyu with 6 comments

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  • YourTaxGuy (edited 7 years ago)

    I read that this is a feature that's coming in version 5.2. I can't wait for it to come out.

    EDIT: here is the post:

    Planned Functionality for Release 5.2

    Snap Mirroring Tribe leadership will gain the ability to mirror snaps directly into their tribe if the tribe was not included in the original post. This will allow new or established tribes to build up their content as well as provide additional engagement to the snaps being mirrored. Functionality protecting snap posters will assure any tribe leadership abusing the snap mirroring feature can banned from mirroring additional snaps. (More details on this will be released as we get closer to its completion)

  • drunkenninja

    As /u/YourTaxGuy pointed out, we do have functionality coming that will let tribe chiefs and moderators to add (mirror) published snaps into their tribe. This is of course not an easy implementation as there are many conceptual issues to overcome, specifically exploitation, misuse and moderation. As we continue to work on this feature we will update our blog with information about the upcoming release.

    • FrootLoops

      Do you guys plan to allow the chief to edit the title of the mirrored snap?

      I am for example the chief of tribes where certain rules are in place how a title has to be created. The mirroring tool would be useless in most situation if i were not able to edit the title.

      Just something to think about if no planned. Maybe it makes sense in your concept as well.


      • drunkenninja

        Are you referring to how the snap will appear in your tribe's list, or the actual snap itself? If you mean only the list area, I don't see how that can be a problem, however if you're talking about editing the title of a snap, it may cause some issues, worst of all general confusion.

        • FrootLoops

          Well, i guess how it looks when you visit the tribe.

          Lets say tribe ABC has a rule that all titles have to start with a number. It would be cool if that could be achieved somehow.

          Are you implying that snap mirroring means there are actually two snaps with the same content later on, or is it just "adding a new tribe" to the snap? If the latter having different titles for different tribes could be hard. :)

  • Xeno

    The ability to mirror snaps would definitely be great for newer tribes.