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Idea regarding the downvote issue

I have said this a few weeks back, but I'm curious what the general opinion is with the new influx of people:

The downvote button could be abolished, and instead there should be a "bad content" or "report" button, with a few pre-established options, and at the end a "something else" option that would prompt a mandatory text box to write the reason.

Sounds a bit extreme, but would be interesting to see what the community has to say about it.

4 years ago by bogdan with 10 comments

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  • Cheesemangeur

    Yes I think this joins up with a few other ideas thrown around. People see the downvote arrow and assume what they want to assume from it ; dislike, disagree etc... If it's gone, and the only option is bad content and report, it would make people think twice. If they disagree with the comment above them, they can't really choose any of these two options.

    Are the admins able to see which accounts are primarily giving the downvotes, if so can these accounts receive a modmail with a reminder about the rules?

  • madjo

    Another possibility is to have the downvote button cost experience points. And the more you downvote, the more a downvote would cost you (perhaps this is reset at the end of the day).

    • frohawk

      Maybe only have it cost you experience points if you don't leave a reason? And if you have a big enough point deduction from leaving an onslaught of downvotes without reason, have the system ignore your downvotes.

      • [Deleted Profile]

        [This comment was removed]

      • neg8ivezero

        This seems like the most just solution I have heard thus far. The down vote arrow should prompt a text box with options.

        1. This post violates site rules 2. This post is spam 3. Other (costs XXX experience)

        This would curtail down vote brigades pretty quickly and still allow for users to censor spam and abusive content.

  • Xeno

    This is the what I have been thinking too after reading all these downvoting posts. I hate the idea of someone hesitating to post something controversial because someone less agreeable/open is going to come and unnecessarily downvote their post. A report button is something different and requires a valid excuse especially when accompanied by required input.

  • i208khonsu

    We need a report button, but I'm of the camp that if I think your post is stupid and not worthy of comment that I should have a button to press to inform other people that I think what you said is stupid. Likewise I don't want to see something that the majority of people think is stupid.

    Go ahead and try it yourself! I'm sure you think my comment here is stupid so feel free to press that down vote button!

    See how good that feels? ..and just think, you're doing your fellow snapzite a favor by burying my comment further down the page. Good job!

  • kraftykitty

    I agree with the idea of a "bad content" button, because it seems like the idea of "report" is more in line with a "hey, this might actually be kind of illegal" kind of idea... Reddit already had a report button, and the downvotes kept coming. If it was mainly a button for bad content, it might work better, but then again, there will always be those conservatives who think HuffPo is bad content, and those liberals who think Fox News is bad content... I wish people would just voice their issues in the comments...

    • BlankWindow

      A report button is a great Idea and on Reddit it wasn't used in the manner suggested here. It was used exactly how you describe it. To be pressed only if something possibly illegal is happening or someone is violating Tribe or Snapzu Rules. When used a Tribe moderator should receive a message pointing out a comment/text/snap from the user that pressed it asking for a review of the content for possible removal or reprimand. This is a great tool for a Tribe that is simply to big for every comment to be read. Something the Tribe I moderate doesn't need yet, but considering it is one of the most played console video games on the planet, it certainly has the potential to get out of hand.

  • LacquerCritic

    I like the idea of a "report" button with multiple options because I think that'd be the most helpful - as seen when downvoting posts, there could be bad content, wrong tribe (but otherwise good content!), racist/hate speech, etc. This would also be helpful to admins - if they had a user getting flagged constantly for one specific reason, it'd help them 'diagnose' the issue, so to speak. It would also be helpful to the user - getting "reported" for wrong tribe is very different than being "reported" for hate speech, for example. I'd also like this to be applicable to comments too.