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[Feature] Re-targeting Misplaced Snaps and Discussions

As a chief I hate that my only option to deal with snaps and discussions is to remove them without any follow up. I think it would be extremely handy for other chiefs and myself if we also had the option to re-target them to a new tribe we know would be fitting.

for example if someone snaps an article about milk production in /t/salad I can re-target the snap to slot the user allotted to my tribe to /t/dairy instead. That way the user isn't just expelled and may learn of a new tribe more relevant to the content they're posting. I think this feature is important because it will keep mods and chiefs from feeling like they need to either A) destroy good, albeit misplaced content or B) leave the content misplaced so that it isn't lost to a group of users who would find the relevant information interesting.

Just a thought ^_^ Let me know what you think!

3 years ago by VoyagerXyX with 8 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    I think a popover during removal that asks the chief / mod if they would like to send this into another tribe may be a viable option. I added this as a possible feature for future releases. At this point we need to make sure we stay on track with our upcoming releases or we will never get anything done.

    Great idea for a function!

  • YourTaxGuy

    Hmm... assuming this doesn't happen too frequently, a PM to the maker of the snap should do the trick.

    • VoyagerXyX

      It happens more often than you'd think, especially when managing tribes like /t/Windows and /t/WindowsPhone.

      • YourTaxGuy

        As far as /t/WindowsPhone, that one's got more rules, and I can't tell just by looking if a snap is on topic or not. So yes, I can see how a feature like this can be useful there.

      • YourTaxGuy

        I just took a quick glance through /t/Windows. I couldn't really find any off topic snaps. There aren't any rules for the tribe either. Do you have an example?

        • VoyagerXyX

          Only because I removed off topic examples, that's why I'm asking for a retarget instead. I would have much rather just forwarded them to another tribe that made more sense. Those are just my examples. Members of /t/chiefs told me to post this idea here so I did.

          • YourTaxGuy

            Oh ok, I see. Good job then :)

            Personally, I'm looking forward to the feature in Release 5.2 that does the opposite of this: lets tribe leaders/moderators add snaps to their tribes even when they were not originally posted there. But the one you suggest makes sense too.