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[Feature] 'Audio' snap tag?

I don't know if there's a call for this beyond my needs, and I may just be misunderstanding things, but I post quite a few links to streaming audio (archived Dead shows) in my tribe and I don't know what "type" tag they fit best with. I've been using "expression," and I don't mind continuing to do so, but every time I do it I wonder if an "audio" tag would make sense for the whole site. If not, no problem.

3 years ago by FivesandSevens with 6 comments

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  • zaywolfe

    While we're on this, I'd be nice to have an Audio module. I've posted some soundcloud links and it'd be cool if people could play them in the thread. It would take much more work but it'd be a neat feature.

    • Ryvaeus

      Exactly what would be awesome to have on Snapzu. I've also shared some Soundcloud links and half-expected a little audio player widget to pop up in the post similar to how YouTube videos can be played via the embedded player when Snapzu detects a YouTube link. Instead, people have to click the "Continue Reading" to be taken off-site and listen from there. Audio should be shown the same love as video!

  • idlethreat

    love the idea, man. I've got some tracks I'd like to share sometime. Upvote for you

    • FivesandSevens

      Glad you like it! I don't know that it would ever get used much, but if the Soundcloud/indie community or us Dead fans and our beloved Archive.org got significantly more active active here, that could make it useful.

  • AdelleChattre

    You’re right, it does feel like there ought to be a snap type for audio. The purpose of the different snap types varies enough to make it murky what to do in that situation. I’m with you. ‘Expression’ would be right for Dead shows, so no regrets. Suppose you could use ‘Video’ so people, say on mobile devices, may be able to filter it out when their connectivity’s fading or costly. Either way.

    • FivesandSevens

      Excellent point about mobile users' data. I think I'll stick with 'expression' for now though - if folks click through, the site makes it pretty clear that they're looking at streaming audio. I can't think of any really popular sites that might force the issue besides maybe Soundcloud, so it may never be worth distinguishing 'audio' from 'expression' anyhow.