Text Post: Change Up- & Downvoting? posted by genuineparts
  • KingMe

    I'm a post-redditor who actively used the down/upvote feature as a disagree button. Nobody told me that this was how it was to be used because no one had to. It was a learned behavior. I followed the example set by others. Same situation when I joined Snapzu, I read how people reacted to the downvotes they got or saw others getting and realized that it was a different concept. I think others will pick up on the same vibe as long as we maintain its ideals.

    • redalastor

      Early reddit treated the downvote the same way snapzu does. When the mobile site called them "agree/disagree", people were mad. " This isn't what the downvote is for!"

      But gradually the admins were seen less and less (most admins I know of are gone) and they stopped propagating that idea. I think that what finally killed it is the large digg influx that weren't told about it.

      To make it sure everyone is told about it, I think an explanation pop-up on your first downvote would do nicely.

    • genuineparts

      After I read my post again I probably focused this too much on confusing people, sorry. I don't think people will be not able to adapt to the culture and usage of the buttons on the site, but since it is not the same concept as "Like/Dislike" or "Helpful/Not helpful" why have it called up- and downvoting?

      But I thought it through after a coffee now and as I was typing this up I realized that it is making sense as in "This is good content" and "This content does not belong here" so I guess your comments and some coffee have cleared my head enough to realize that I was probably just looking at the concept from the wrong angle. :)