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Fix snapzu login


I wasn't sure where to post this and I first submitted it to the lounge, but I'm going to try again here. When you login to Snapzu from more than one computer or device, you are logged out from the previously logged in device automatically. I think I know why.

The admins are storing a hash/key for our login session in a single location. Most likely right on our row in the Accounts/Users table. This isn't good because when you login from another computer, or a phone, it changes that hash. When it does that, the saved session on your other computer is instantly logged out.

I have an upstairs laptop I use to sit on my deck. A downstairs computer I use for when I'm inside working. A mobile phone for everywhere else. And it's AMAZINGLY annoying to have to sign in as I bounce from one to another (as I do all day.) I go back and forth between computer and phone 10 maybe 20 times a day. It makes Snapzu almost unusable for me.

The way to handle authenticated sessions is to store them in a Many to One table which links back to the Accounts/Username table. This way, each user can have multiple sign-ins stored without overwriting their previous session. Let me know if you have any questions with this. Thanks!

3 years ago by gtwy with 4 comments

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  • Schwut

    This is really annoying, and it bothers me too. My temporary "fix" was to just have my browser (chrome) save my username and password, so all I have to do is click login every time I switch devices.

  • Kysol

    Since they are using CI, I'm wondering about the way the do their shared sessions across multiple servers. If they aren't I can point them in the right direction as to how to do it. As for what you are mentioning, to put it in an easy to fix way:

    New table with the rows: Hash, UserID, DateLastLogin, IP

    New logins get stored there and linked back on the user table via UserID. We can then manage from our profile all logged in sessions under the one account. This would allow multiple logins on one account while giving both admins/super mods/the user the ability to audit who is logged in under a specific account.

    I too had to save my password into Chrome (something that I don't like doing). But I can tell you one thing, I've been logged into one PC for a good week or so without being logged out, and at the same time having to re-login to my other PC all the time. I think it's more IP based if anything, I can't really explain more as it's crazy to how it logs me out.

  • drunkenninja

    We will look into whats going on with this, and will try and release a patch as soon as we can to fix the issue.