• Jasprosesprite2 (edited 6 years ago)

    Well if Snapzu do not release an API then no bot. So don't worry even if you knew how to set up the bot as of now you couldn't do it since Snapzu hasn't released an API to use. An API basically allows an application to talk to the server, (like connect, send a message and so on...) .

    So what we could do now is talk about the updates. I think it is pretty cool @BerserkerDog and I will manually post about the latest updates (as I said no bot is possible before an offical Snapzu API, I'm a developer btw). We are 8 members and even if it is not as many as on other websites it is still a thing and don't worry I'm sure it will grow later on.

    Edit: So yesterday the Snapzu team confirmed that they are working on an API that will be released in 2-3 month with a basic API in less than 1.5 month.

    Forget the bot for like 2-3 month, then when the API is there I can help you set up the bot. It is not that hard, we use the API to do the following: the bot connect to it's Snapzu Account, it checks with some intervals if a new upd8 is available thanks to the website, then it post to the homestuck tribe with title the one from

    The bot could be written in Ruby and launch it on where it could run 24/24 for free.

    • Devynian

      I really appreciate the involvement, would you like to be a moderator? Currently it isn't a very intensive job because not many people are here at all.