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  • Video/Audio
    4 years ago
    by Maternitus
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    Grave Games

    Death is inevitable, but a lot of us would still prefer not to talk about dying. But some see nothing morbid or depressing. Hungarian #gravediggers hold a bizarre championship where teams race to dig the perfect plot faster than others. They want the contest to improve their profession’s image and attract new people. We go to Hungary to cheer for the grave digging teams and ask them how they cope with something we are so afraid of on a daily basis.

  • Expression
    5 years ago
    by AdelleChattre
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    Dead end: What it's like to live in Queens surrounded by cemeteries

    When searching for an apartment in New York, people typically have a few key features they're looking for. In Caroline Shadood’s case, her apartment in Glendale, Queens really has the “quiet neighbors” part nailed. By David Colon.