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What have you got in your cfg's, and what does it do?

Heya y'all. I reached nova 3 yesterday just playing the game regularly, and I feel like the two things that have helped me tremendously were the ability to zoom out the minimap and also having a static crosshair so that what I'm aiming at doesn't disappear under the hud. I got the commands to set those up from reddit, and I was curious to see what people's autoexec.cfg's look like. Mine can be found here.

3 years ago by Hukka with 2 comments

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  • redji

    Hey man,

    This is mine http://schi.mp/b2

    Dont really know what it all does got it from some youtube video. But when i was new removing mouse acc really helped me to get better. Im legendary eagle now.

    • Hukka

      Aw hell yeah I just checked, the cldisabefreezecam 1 actually disables the kill cam and switches directly to the enemy's player movements for the duration of the killcam instead of showing you the frozen screen when you died, and clteammatecolorsshow 2 adds the first letter of your teammates color on the minimap. I've been looking for this last one for a while, thanks for sharin :) Mouse acceleration is a big pain in the ass no matter the game you play I feel like; other than that, I just need to play more and get better. Lets fill up this tribe :P