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Suggestion thread for next week! (Week of 7/12)

Each week this tribe will be hosting a gaming get-together on PC.

How this will work, is each week there will be a discussion thread for suggesting games that people in our community are interested in playing. So, for example one comment says CSGO, another says DOTA 2, and another says TF2.

Then, a day or two later a poll will be created of the most popular submissions and will be voted upon, like so.

Whichever suggestion wins on each poll will be the official get-together game for that weekend. That game will then be exempt from votes for the next two weeks to provide variety. If you are interested in the game voted for that week, you can join our steam group here and just follow the instructions on the event announcement to play with us.

The upcoming poll will be made next Tuesday (7/14) and will close on Friday morning (7/17).

EDIT(1): The suggestions are now going to carry over until this Tuesday (7/21) and will close this Friday morning (7/24).

As CS:GO was chosen last week it is exempt from voting so please make other suggestions.

Edit(1); Slight revision of plans, I'm slowly finding I have less time to keep up with this. I'm going to be making another post in order to search for a mod for this sub and the steam group to assist me if I'm not around or if I don't make any mod posts. If you'd like to apply, look at the sticky posts and it will be at the top. I'm looking for someone who is fairly active both on Steam and on Snapzu, for the time being though, this suggestion thread is going to carry over to this weekend as I had not been able to coordinate anything. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3 years ago by MyAnacondaDoes with 5 comments

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  • Nerdeiro

    What about Terraria ? The new 1.3 patch improved the game enormously.

    • Polygon

      I'd be down for some Terraria.

    • MyAnacondaDoes

      The people who want to play this would have to work out who's game they would play on, as I don't own Terarria on pc. I would still host the TeamSpeak though if people would want that. It'll go in the vote, but I won't be able to do anything for set up.

  • spectralk

    I vote for Dirty Bomb. It's free and has a pretty low learning curve.

  • Lyzern

    I vote for TF2. It's free, it's fun and easy to play.