[FF13] Is there a reason to do the side-quests? (Spoilers within)

Beat the game, went back to my previous save to look at the new Crystarium Stages only to be extremely disappointed that none of the new stages added new abilities or spells. What the fuck Square? No Ultima, no Meteor, Comet, Reflect, Triple, I don't know, ANYTHING cool.

Anyway, I had this feeling that going through the trouble of further levelling up, which was enough of a pain, without the promise of new abilities was a waste of time and it looked to me that there aren't any ultimate weapons/accessories and the Best weapons are from Gilgamesh Store (Correct me if it's not the case), so I asked myself what's the point of doing the missions? For the sake of completion? No thanks.

Well, I kinda miss Vanille now, so... is there a reason to go back and do the missions?

7 years ago by Lyzern with 1 comments

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  • Dad

    From what I remember the missions only offer drops and item rewards to make new gear. I thought the same when I was going through my first playthrough and gave up on the 'end game' of just going around killing monsters for completion.