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Why should I get Elite Dangerous?

I've heard about the game, but I haven't made a purchase yet. What draws you to it? Is there any videos I should watch?

3 years ago by QuietKerfuffle with 7 comments

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  • Nerdeiro

    Kerrash Landing has more than a hundred videos about it, many streamers on twitch.tv too.

    It's hard to tell you why you should/should not buy the game, the best I can do is tell why I bought the game during Beta testing (I paid 100GBP for it, twice the final price, this is important).

    I first played the original Elite game in 1987 (yeah, 28 years ago. I'm that old), and it quickly became an obsession. I kept playing it on-and-of on my old 8-bit computer and later on PC with emulators or with the open source clone Oolite for this whole time. I skipped the 2 sequels released on late 80s and early 90s, but I always dreamed of a revamped Elite, with modern graphics, sound and other features. As soo as I could (some financial issues prevented me from contributing to the Kickstarter) I bought a Premium Beta pass for 100 Pounds and started playing. And haven't played anything else for the last year, save a few hours of Terraria when away from my main computer.

    What got me addicted to Elite in the first place is that it doesn't tell you what to do, where or how (unless you accept missions, but they're completely optional). Elite is the ultimate sandbox game. It's you, your ship and the unforgiving, uncaring universe. If you're going to succeed of fail, it's up to you. I loved the fact that it leaves me completely unconstrained. If I want to grind to get some other ship, I can do it. If I want to travel around sightseeing, i can do it. If i want to fight PvP or PvE, I can.

    All the eye candy (and oh boy, the views are AMAZING! http://imgur.com/search?q=elite+dangerous ), the excellent dual mode flight mechanics (Flight assist on = like airplane / Flight assist off = near Newtonian physics), some really fun space combat action against players or NPC, this is just a bonus.

    What I like is the freedom it gives me. That's all.

  • isosphere (edited 3 years ago)

    A rambling narrative of how I came to buy and love E:D:

    I played Independence War and Independence War 2 a lot many years ago, and I loved them both. Descent: FreeSpace was also a hit with me, but the more free-form play style of Independence War 2 really did it for me. I was in full control of my space ship, in a big sandbox, doing what I wanted to do. Mostly. It wasn't perfect, but it was great to have that control. Elite dangerous has that, and it's better. I love having twitchy FPS style control of my spaceship with Newtonian mechanics, too; even if they are just Newtonian-ish.

    I tried EVE some time after that because it was triggering that same unrequited space-game love I was feeling, but the control I had over my ship in EVE was not good enough. It has the player interaction and big universe feel, but you have next to no control of your space ship. I want to control individual thrusters, damn it!

    In Elite: Dangerous you can see a Nebula and eventually fly to it; you see it get closer with each FTL jump. I love that! It will take a long time and you might explode, and that's still good because some things should be hard.

    I don't play it much lately because my motivation for video games is pretty low right now, but I've already gotten my money's worth out of the game. It's beautiful, it's fun, and the developers are really doing a good job adding to what is already there.

    • Nerdeiro

      Friendship drive charging ;)

      which reminds me OP, Elite: Dangerous is NOT first person EVE. Don't let the few shared bullet points deceive you.

      • isosphere

        Oh yeah, I don't want to mislead anyone about E:D's similarity to EVE .It's very, very different. The most important difference is that E:D is immediately fun :)

        I kept playing EVE hoping that when I get this and that ship and this skill trained up and this amount of money then finally I would be having fun, but this never happened. A lot of people do have fun with it, but it's not the game for me. I like that it exists and I think it's impressive, but it bores me.

        I'm tempted to say that E:D is more "arcade" rather than simulation. EVE seems to be setting out to simulate a functioning universe run by players and player corporations. The ship you are flying was built by a player with raw material sold by a player who bought it from another player that mined it. It's an interesting experiment and appeals to me on a nerdgasm level.

        E:D is focused more on gameplay than simulation, I think. There's still a simulated economy and with the Power Play dynamic they are adding in some player-influenced war dynamics that are interesting, but they go less deep, I think. Also, that's just fine with me. The game is growing deeper with time and I'm still having fun with it while it does it.

        • Nerdeiro

          If EVE is a simulator, it's the kind of Farming sim or management sim. The whole space stuff is just a sci-fi coating to differentiate it from other mining/building/managing simulators.

          I may have a skewered opinion, since I never played it (i chickened out when I saw how steep the learning curve was :shame:)

  • QuietKerfuffle

    Are there any plans for them to remove the always-online requirement? This seems like a great game to play when I'm in a hotel or something.

    • Nerdeiro

      Unlikely. The problem seems to be with the persistent universe simulation.

      There's always the open source clone, Oolite if you want some offline space trucking: http://www.oolite.org/