I'm a 6k amateur competitive player trying to stream. Need halp.

Would really love some help breaking 0 views!

I'm happy to answer any questions for you and if there is interest I can go over some replays for people when I need a break from playing.

I play carry for my team (Eternal Envy's Disciples) and I have beaten quite a few known teams so far with other teams, we're pretty much unknown I know but we're progressing. If this is breaking some self-promotion rules i'm not aware of I'm sorry but I don't see any other way to get started :(.

Anyway, please come ask questions and if you have any good playlists send them to me and i'll play them instead of looping the same anime/rap music.

I'll be playing on my smurf until I get 6k on it then i'll play my main account. My smurf's currently 5.6k.


Edit: Done for now but I should be around at 2300 cest to stream more, I'll be able to play more on days that i'm not scrimming with my team.

7 years ago by Ruckus with 4 comments

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  • bogdan

    Hey. I'm totally down to support you. Send a reply next time you go and stream.

    • Ruckus (edited 7 years ago)

      Thanks, I'm going live now.

      Edit: actually i'm not something is going wrong with obs stopping me connecting to twitch :S

      Ok we're in business.

  • ressmox

    Hey I love EED! You guys look like a very promising team, will definitely tune in next time you're on :)