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The purpose of the down vote is about to change-how do you feel about this?

Just noticing how many Snapzites have appreciated the sparing nature of the snapzu down vote. Many have been sick to death of other sites where being down voted due to a simple difference of opinion is the norm. Unfortunately the snapzu down vote seems to be a misunderstood icon, whilst the rules of this site are somewhat different. This has led to various suggestions which has prompted a rethink by the admins. Changes are proposed that will allow, among other things, the down vote to reflect a difference of opinion rather than purely an indicator of rules being transgressed. I'm interested in a discussion amongst users about how they feel about this, what changes they really want and how they feel about anonymous downvoting.

3 years ago by Fooferhill with 3 comments

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  • Boudicca

    I feel.......pretty good about the changes. I will keep an open mind and see how it pans out. I think the admins have put a ton of work into what must be a complex process. I do like the engaging nature of Snapzu and wonder if the disagree button will stymie some of that- like anything new there may be unintended consequences however it may have minimal impact as well so I think it's worth trying. I get the issue with the OP not being anonymous but the voter is -with the attending issue of not being able to address this directly with the person down voting. Again, I think it should be given a try and see what happens.

    No one is going to die.

    • Fooferhill

      No one is going to die true. I don't like the idea of a down vote for disagreeing being the same as a moderation tool. I prefer comments to stimulate discussion if their is an alternate point of view or just not inviting. Will see how it pans out-time will tell.

      • Boudicca

        Yes, I see your point. From what I read regarding the changes the disagree button won't be a moderation tool in that it won't affect reputation- or am I reading it incorrectly? I have thought a bit about the possibility of discussion being limited and think that if someone had something valid to add to a discussion, they would.

        I guess what I really want, is what I don't want-reddit madness.